Tornado Cash, which was laundered $ 7 billion, was closed

The Tornado Cash crypto finance platform, where cyber attackers laundered billions of dollars, has come under the wrath of the USA. Tornado Cash and all associated wallets have been blacklisted.

The prominent name in the recent cyber attacks in the crypto money world was undoubtedly the Tornado Cash platform. Tornado Cash, which works with a focus on privacy and makes the transfer of assets confidential, has been banned.

Shock to Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash , which ensures that incoming and outgoing transfers cannot be detected on the blockchain, is the first choice of cyber attackers. The amount of ETH transferred from the platform in the past months has reached 850 thousand. Of these, 167,000 were obtained from the Ronin attack. It is estimated that 7 billion dollars have been laundered since its establishment.

Recent events have prompted the US Treasury Department to act. The Foreign Asset Control Office has blacklisted the platform and all ETH wallets associated with the platform. Citizens interacting with addresses added to this list may face penalties.

After the announcement, access to the Tornado Cash platform was closed, and his account on Github was closed. Blender, the privacy-focused decentralized finance platform, suffered a similar fate before.

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