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Russian Hackers Hijacked STALKER 2’s Files

Russian Hackers Hijacked STALKER 2’s Files

As the GSC Gaming world prepares to release the highly anticipated STALKER 2, a group of Russian hackers threatened the developer team to release gigabytes of game material.

According to a recent post on social media , Russian hackers have leaked gameplay materials related to GSC Game World’s STALKER 2 game. The upcoming game is one of the most anticipated games of 2023, especially among the first-person shooter fanbase. As the Ukraine-based developer team grapples with the war, the studio seems to be facing a much more challenging situation than previously anticipated.

STALKER 2 has been in development for over a decade, mostly due to financial constraints in the first few years. After the game was not announced in 2018, the Ukraine-based studio ran into other problems in the development process, in part due to the coronavirus pandemic, but most recently the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war . Despite the devastating effects of the Russian invasion, the development team continued its development work.

STALKER 2 Isn’t Out of Trouble

Reports have even emerged showing how some developers finished the game in the middle of the war, while some STALKER 2 developers joined the war to help fight the Russian forces . Today, GSC Game World is facing another challenge, with the game set to be released in 2023. A group of Russian computers called Vestnik TSS announced that it had seized the game’s files.

The post in question contains a series of images and artwork believed to be from the game, and hackers have threatened to release “tens of gigabytes” of unreleased game material if their demands are not met . Accordingly, the hackers demanded that GSC Game World change its attitude towards players from Russia and Belarus and demanded that the team ” apologise “.

The requests also include the return of the Russian localization to the game and, interestingly, the removal of the ban on the profile “NF Star” from the game studio’s Discord channel. The post also mentions that the group expects GSC to meet the demands by March 15 . If the company fails, the hackers threaten to publish all material allegedly including the entire story, cutscenes, concept art, and global maps .

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