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PUBG Mobile “Ryan Kent” (2022)

PUBG Mobile Who is Ryan Kent? We offer you detailed information about the best player in the world, such as Details such as username, id, picture and settings. Anyone can play the game very well, but this man lives the game. Now, not forgetting the phrase “hand is better than hand”, we will give information about a player named Ryan Kent, who plays PUBG Mobile professionally.

We recommend watching professional players so that you can learn new tactics and techniques in the game. For this, we will introduce you to the player named Ryan Kent, who is very successful in the game.

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PUBG Mobile Who is Ryan Kent?

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PUBG Mobile Ryan Kent is a player who plays the game professionally. Unfortunately, very detailed information about his real identity is not available. In PUBG Mobile, it will be difficult to find if he does not reveal his identity, as he keeps the information about his players confidential.


He managed to make his name known to everyone with the videos he uploaded to his YouTube channel. At the same time, he made the opponent players memorize his name in the matches he entered with the skillful kills he took in the games. Those who do not know the Turkish actor named Asım, who is said to be from Kayseri, think he is a foreign player. Although he is known as the best PUBG Mobile player in the world, there is no clear proof of this.

PUBG Mobile Who is Ryan Kent? (2022)

PUBG Mobile Ryan Kent Name (Nick)

Ryan Kent, who plays PUBG Mobile very well, gives the full name (nick) of the game below. Of course, the name may change and continue to play the game with different accounts:

Nick: Ryan Kent

PUBG Mobile Ryan Kent id

You may want to add PUBG Mobile as a friend in the game with Ryan Kent id. However, this information is kept confidential as long as the player does not share it himself. For this, you can be a good player and attract his attention. Maybe he will send you a friend request and not you.

PUBG Mobile Ryan Kent Face

PUBG Mobile Ryan Kent Face is very curious, but the player has not yet revealed his identity. But in a video he shared, the photo he put on his account appears. This is the only photo we know, even if we’re not sure.

PUBG Mobile Ryan City Settings


PUBG Mobile Ryan City Settings have not been shared yet. No matter how high his skills are in the videos he shares, the game settings have a lot of influence on this. The most critical point that makes it a whole with the game is that it organizes all its settings according to itself.

You can write your ideas and thoughts about PUBG Mobile Ryan Kent as a comment. You can also ask the questions you want to ask as comments.

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