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Lemnis Gate Will Be Removed from Sale and Closed

Lemnis Gate Will Be Removed from Sale and Closed

According to the developer, the time travel-themed multiplayer FPS game Lemnis Gate will be removed from sale and the game’s servers will be taken offline.

The time-bending competitive multiplayer FPS game Lemnis Gate will be removed from all platforms with its online servers going out of service after a few months. First released in 2021, the satisfying, engaging, yet complex detailed FPS game apparently didn’t reach the desired number of players, and developer Ratloop Games decided to wipe the game from the market entirely .

While most players agree that Lemnis Gate is worth playing even because of its fascinating mix of genres and metaphors, the game didn’t turn out as well as the developer hoped. The game will be closed this year. Players won’t even be able to enter the game’s menu, which is a shame.

Lemnis Gate Couldn’t Grow Its Player Audience

Lemnis Gate, April 11, 2023 . From this point on, Ratloop states that it will be impossible to buy the game on any platform, but the good news is that owners of the game will still have a chance to play a few more matches. Specifically, Ratloop will keep the game’s multiplayer servers up and running until July 11.

One of the best time loop games of 2021, Lemnis Gate offered players a unique proposition: to let anyone turn back time whenever they want . This has resulted in multiple tactical opportunities and combat scenarios where many different timelines overlap and overlap in real time. However, the complexity of the game was also pretty undeniable, which turned many people off from the game.

Reviews of the game praised the hybridized turn-based combat mechanics and explained that it had all kinds of potential. However, this potential was never realized, possibly because it never reached the kind of critical mass a smaller-scale multiplayer FPS game needed to rampage.

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