The iPhone 15 model was finally introduced. We saw that there are 4 new models in the new series smartphone family. We have previously shared the features and prices of the phones. Now it’s time to examine the hidden features of the phones. We will get more details about this when the phones go on sale, but some features that have remained in the background have already started to come to light. One of these was the iPhone 15 battery charge limitation feature .

The new feature was not announced during the launch, but it was revealed that the codes in the iOS 17 RC version include a battery charge limit feature.

What will the iPhone 15 Battery Charging Limiting Feature Do?

The new feature will allow setting limits for charging smartphones. We are talking about a feature that was previously used on different Android smartphones. When the feature in question is turned on, the battery will be able to reach the specified level of charge.

This limitation aims to protect the health of the battery. When you turn on the limitation to keep the charge at a certain level, your iPhone smartphone will show you a warning about this.

It is not known how much difference the feature, which we have previously encountered on Android smartphones, will make, but we can say that it is a feature that will stand out in order to make the phone different. When iOS 17 is released, we will learn whether the feature in question will also come to other iPhone users.

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