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Hitman Maker Develops Fantasy RPG Game!

Hitman Maker Develops Fantasy RPG Game!

Known for the Hitman series, IO Interactive has started working on a new dark fantasy RPG game.

Completing the Hitman trilogy this year, IO Interactive focused on a completely different game genre. The company, which became famous for its privacy-focused game series, announced that it is developing an online fantasy RPG game. Although this sudden announcement upset the fans of the privacy genre, it was met with great excitement by the fans of the company.

Sharing a post on Twitter , the company casually announced the online fantasy RPG game with this post. IO Interactive, which has moved away from the stealth and action genre of the Hitman series and Project 007, whose development process is still ongoing,will create a game that is very different from the work of the last ten years with its new project.

Unexpected Announcement From Hitman Producer

“ We are building an online fantasy RPG with a new world and a new intellectual property. This will be a world and game built from the core to keep players entertained and expanded for many years to come. We embark on a journey that is familiar but also unlike anything we’ve taken before. ” expressions were used.

Currently, we can understand from the blog post that IO Interactive is looking for personnel for the new project. At the bottom of the first blog post, you can see a number of open positions at the studio providing additional information about the game. The battle designer role on the list makes it clear that the fantasy RPG game will actually be in a third-person adventure genre.

Also, the encounter designer position requires someone to create scenarios with both NPCs and players. This signals that there may be quests we fight alongside NPCs. Finally, the senior product manager points out that he will likely have to work on monetization for the new game, implying that the online game could be subscription-based .

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