Fitbit Connect App Will Be Closed Soon

Fitbit has announced that its PC sync app will be shutting down later this year.

Before smartphones hit the market, Fitbit device owners had to connect their fitness trackers to a computer using a special cable or Bluetooth adapter. Nowadays, this type of synchronization has become cumbersome and dedicated mobile apps have been released. The company has announced that it will shut down the Connect app for PC and Mac starting October 13, 2022 .

Fitbit will not only close the Connect app for computers, but also remove the option to stream music and playlists to their devices using the computer. Users will still be able to listen to all music transferred to the device as long as it is transferred before the October 13 end date. Going forward, you’ll need to stream music from their computers to use third-party apps like Deezer.

Fitbit PC Syncing Will Be Ended


To use the music services, users will now need to subscribe to one of the premium accounts to continue syncing their device via a computer. As you can imagine, Deezer hasn’t been on the music scene for a while, so the solutions above will only be for very loyal Fitbit users.

Today , we have entered an era where services such as Apple Music , Spotify or YouTube Music dominate. Unfortunately, these services are currently not active on the company side. So, if you’re using a computer to sync your Fitbit device, be mindful of what’s required before the October 13 shutdown date.

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