Drop in cryptocurrencies boosts sales of luxury goods

With the decrease in interest in cryptocurrencies, purchases of cryptocurrencies decreased, while there was an increase in other sectors. The effect of this situation is felt especially in the sales of luxury watches and sports cars.

Cryptocurrency The decline in units has affected many different sectors. In this declining environment , the sales of luxury car brand Lamborghini increased. The recent drop in the prices of cryptocurrencies has also fueled interest in second-hand marketplaces for other luxury items, including Patek Philippe and Rolex brand watches, among others.

The luxury car brand Lamborghini, which has recently come to the fore with its NFT collection, is on the agenda this time with its sales. With the decline in cryptocurrencies recently, the luxury car brand has increased the sales of Lamborghini.

As a reminder, in 2017, Peter Saddington rose to fame in the crypto car community after purchasing a Lamborghini for 45 Bitcoins, which at the time of the transaction equated to more than $200,000.

According to Luke Willmott, Chief Operating Officer of AutoCoinCars, the platform, which allows buyers to purchase luxury cars using crypto, doubled in sales last year to $12 million while the growth rate remained steady.

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