China hacked Russia’s defense systems!

There is hacking tension between China and Russia. Chinese hackers began infiltrating institutions of multiple countries, including Russia.

Chinese hacking groups have started to attack multiple countries. A new analysis by researchers at security firm Kaspersky has shown that China has engaged in phishing attacks on government agencies and ministries of countries like Russia and Ukraine . Here are the Chinese-Russian hacking attempts.

Phishing attack from China to four countries, including Russia

Phishing attacks , first discovered in January, have resurfaced. According to the report by Kaspersky, Chinese hackers known as TA428 attacked various institutions in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Afghanistan .


It was stated that the new attempt by Chinese hackers is a type of phishing attack called “spear phishing”. Attacks were carried out on industrial facilities, research institutes, government institutions and ministries, including defense companies affiliated with the Russian Navy and the Russian army.

Researchers have revealed that the Chinese TA428 group has launched phishing attacks to penetrate dozens of businesses. They even tried to take control of some organizations’ security solutions.

Kaspersky researchers write, “ Spear phishing remains one of the top threats to industrial businesses and public institutions. “Attackers primarily used standard techniques to evade known backdoor malware, as well as lateral movement and antivirus solution.”


It was stated that TA416 had started to spy on Russia before. TA416, which made “political and economic” surveillance attempts on countries in Southeast Asia, also turned to European organizations and Russian-speaking people.


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