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Bleak Faith Accused of Stealing Elden Ring Animations

Bleak Faith Accused of Stealing Elden Ring Animations

The similar animations of Bleak Faith: Forsaken, which debuted this month, with FromSoftware games attracted attention.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken is a soulslike game recently released by indie developer Archangel. After the game was released, many players; He began discussing how similar Forsaken was to FromSoftware games, especially Elden Ring. Then these discussions got bigger and FromSoftware fans began to express their anger frequently on social media.

For example, a weapon featured in Bleak Faith has almost the same animations as Elden Ring’s uchigatana sword . There is also a character in the game who seems to have the exact same moves as Malenia, one of the Elden Ring bosses. Things got out of hand when the character, who was a copy of the Abyss Watcher from Dark Souls 3 , also stood out.

Studio Releases Statement Regarding Elden Ring Accusation

Although many games are similar to Genshin Impact and Nier Automata, these games are in different categories. Archangel Studios has published several articles regarding the accusation in both Discord and the game’s Steam descriptions. Stating that some of Bleak Faith’s animations are assets purchased from Epic Marketplace , the developer explained that it uses an Unreal Engine profile.

The developer studio has created a grievance record that shares the community’s concerns with Epic Customer Service. When Epic Games responded, the developer stated that he would share this answer with the community. Additionally, the studio said: “We are not judges or knowledgeable about what is allowed or not, or who owns the rights to these animations. That’s why we contacted the person who made these animations to get approval.” said. At the same time, it was stated on Twitter that Bleak Faith’s drawings looked strange because it was produced by artificial intelligence . The developer has stated that it will replace the art drawings.


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