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Black Desert Online Drakania Awakening Review (New Class)

The Awakening version of Black Desert Online’s new class, Drakania, is finally available to players. The character, who looks very impressive with his dragon wings and spear, is a candidate to be the new favorite of the game.

Black Desert Online , the open world MMORPG game played by more than 20 million people worldwide , continues to provide exciting adventures for players with new content updates. Developer Pearl Abyss released a short teaser trailer in June that first showed off the Awakening version of the new class, Drakania . The character, who had a very impressive appearance with his dragon wings and spear, aroused great curiosity with his gameplay features and skills.

As Turkmmo, we got our first look at the Drakania Awakening class and embarked on an epic adventure with the character. Before moving on to the gameplay, let’s talk about the character’s story. Freed from the shackles of an oppressive tyrant named Labreska, the dragon’s children are finally free. With the sacrifice of Erethea, one of the witches of Eternal Winter, Drakania is finally freed from the shackles that keep her kind from flying. She is now ready to avenge Awakening and Labreska all the dragons and take them to heaven, she.

Drakania Awakening Comes With Dragon Wings


So, what are the Drakania Awakening features? The character’s new special Awakening weapon , the Trion , is a combination of two spears, one powered by fierce winds and the other by fierce fire. Using both together, Drakania can unleash ruthless stabs, chops and attacks. The character comes across as a melee-based class, with excellent movement skills to help bridge the gap with enemies.

Drakania Awakening, which has the ability to switch between “Witch Blood” and “Dragon Blood” forms, can thus change its attacks. With the release of the Awakening version of Drakania, a new season of Dawn of Dragons will follow. Players who have played the Drakania class before will be able to complete a series of quests to unlock the Awakening. The main skills of the character are as follows:

Character Can Switch Between Two Forms


Drakania Awakening Skills

  • Rippling Pressure: Unleashes the power of the dragon, suppressing its enemies. He then attacks the enemy’s center with Trion.
  • Vanguard of Destruction: Wraps the wind on Trion’s left spear and, after rising, slams into the ground, shattering the ground with the wind.
  • Destructive Shock Wave
    • Witch’s Blood: After combining his right spear with his left spear, he attacks the enemy by enveloping the wind.
    • Dragon Blood: After combining his right spear with his left spear, he unleashes the wind forward, repelling the enemy.
  • Roar Breaking the Ground
    • Witch’s Blood: Envelops the wind on his left spear and releases it forward. He then causes fire with his right spear, leaving a trail of destruction on the ground.
    • Dragon’s Blood: With the power of the dragon, he wraps the wind on his left spear and sends a forward roar that echoes through the land. The devastating dragon breath sweeps away enemies in front of him.

Drakania Basic Combo List

1. Combo:
[Destruction Vanguard] Shift + Q → [Dragon Walk] Shift + Arrow Key (W, S, A, D) → Sharp Doom (S + LMB) → Earth-Crack Roar (S + F) → Flow: Exhaustion (F)
If you have any charge left in the Dragon Blood state, press F or W + Q to finish.

Combo 2:
Rippling Pressure (Shift + F) → Spiritual Grudge (Shift + Right Click) → Flow: Stealth Claw (Right Click) → Earth-Crack Roar (S + F) → Cracking Flame (F)

If there is any charge left in the Witch’s Blood state, S + Right Click. Use the Skill (K) menu to find more detailed descriptions of the skills or to find other skills and a complete list of skills that can be used with the character.


The Drakania Awakening class awakens its inner dragon and when in human form it takes on a different form to show its unseen dragon power. When it unfolds its wings, it fully unleashes its powers. While not applicable to all skills, certain skills exhibit different actions and effects based on human/dragon form.

The Awakening version fits perfectly into the spirit of Black Desert as well as the class it belongs to. Especially if you like close combat, you will like the character a lot. With impressive mobility, Drakania Awakens can wield both dragon wings and spear. Also, the skill animations are really good. The new season, Dawn of Dragons, begins on July 27 .

You can play Black Desert on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. In addition, iOS and Android users who want to play the game on the go can download Black Desert Mobile to their phones. 

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