Some series have a different place among the Note models in Samsung’s flagship smartphone family . Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is among the phones that have this special place. The popular series, which has very high sales figures, is currently preparing to take its place on the dusty shelves of history. It has been announced that the update period for the successful series has come to an end.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series Will No Longer Receive Updates

As with many brands, Samsung smartphones also have an update limit. When phones reach a certain number of years, support for both security and system updates ends.

On the Samsung side, it was said that 3 years of system updates and 4 years of security updates would be offered for this series. The specified update periods have also come to an end. This means that there will be no new update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 models in the next stage .

Thus, the era is over for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, which started their adventure with Android 9 in 2019 .

We will see that the Note 10 Lite model, which was introduced only in 2020, will receive updates for a while. Because, as we mentioned above, Samsung has a 3-year system update and 4-year security update strategy.

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