Artificial intelligence drew death

An artificial intelligence engine integrated into the Discord channel produces realistic visuals for the given definitions. Midjourney technology is still in the testing phase.   

There seems to be nothing that robotic autonomous systems, defined as artificial intelligence, cannot do today. It is very easy to access artificial intelligence functions that even start composing songs. You can test instant artificial intelligence operations in communication applications such as Discord.

Artificial intelligence paints a picture of death

The new artificial intelligence engine called Midjourney , developed by a small team led by the famous Magic Leap founder David Holtz, converts a written term into a picture and gives it to its owner as an output. 

To use it, you must enter one of the Newbee channels on the Midjourney Discord server and type /imagine and choose the prompt section in the window that opens. Holtz asked him to draw a picture of death, and interesting pictures emerged.

Hundreds of people have drawn on different subjects on the Discord channel and impressive visuals have been obtained. The robot needs 1 minute to complete the drawing. Users are not allowed to make a large number of drawings as it is a testing process.

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