A101 – Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Price and Reviews)

We had the opportunity to review this device, which was sold with the A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Review about the game console compatible with the phones offered for sale in the markets. A101 grocery chain has a branch in almost every district in our country. In 2022, we started to see game console sales in the aisles of the markets. Is this game console designed for motorcyclists worth buying? We explain in this article.

Announced that it will arrive 1 week before the start of A101 Motorcycle sales. In 2022, due to the corona virus, we stay at home to protect our health and reduce the spread of the virus. We are constantly playing mobile games to pass the time while staying at home. The game console is very useful for us to better play PUBG Mobile, which has millions of players in the survival category on the Android platform.

We have prepared a content about Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner for you because we could not take the risk of getting a virus while ordering a mobile game console from the internet. We have prepared a guide for those who are considering buying the A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner .

A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review (Reviews)

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A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner was offered for sale in stores in 2022, as it is every year. We recommend that you buy the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which will continue to be sold in A101 Markets for a while, before it runs out and goes out of sale.

A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review (Reviews)

The game console, which is compatible with mobile smartphones with Android operating system, does not only work in Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner game. This product, which is sold in A101 markets, is designed to be used in all kinds of mobile FPS games.

Although the A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed for this game, it will come in handy in all kinds of FPS games. That’s why we had the opportunity to buy it and examine it. Although it is not very good in terms of workmanship and product quality, it is a pretty good product for its price.

Thanks to its 4 adjustable keys, you gain a great advantage over your opponents in the game. You will be as comfortable controlling your character as the players playing the game from the computer. Those who have not used a mobile device in the style of Game Console may have difficulties at first, but after you get used to it, you will see the benefits.

What is A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Types of vacuum cleaners that work without human interaction depending on a certain algorithm are called robot vacuums. Robot vacuums that sweep and pull solid and liquid materials on hard or soft surfaces into the chamber where they are housed also have types that automatically charge themselves.

A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review (Reviews)

  • With their automatic working abilities, they can sweep the house without being unattended.
  • They can charge themselves with their automatic charging capabilities.
  • They prevent dust accumulation in the house, as they can vacuum the house regularly and continuously, except for charging interruptions.
  • They can get into hard-to-reach spots (under the bed, chair/table/armpit etc.).
  • With their laser scanning systems and the mapping capabilities of some robots, they do not leave an uncleaned area in the house.
  • If the floor of the house is left untidy and there are excessive objects on the floor of the rooms, they cannot clean effectively.
  • They take longer to clean deeply than manual cleaning. They sweep a 20 square meter room in about half an hour.
  • There is a risk of getting lost in large houses and not being able to find the base stations. In these cases, they cannot take advantage of the automatic charging features. In order to prevent this situation, guides called Virtual Wall Towers are used in iRobot products. Thanks to Virtual Wall towers , floors up to 140m2 can be cleaned without getting lost .
  • Neato company’s laser-assisted floor cleaning robots Sharp Cocorobo, Samsung Navibot and LG Hombot calculate the area to be cleaned with camera-assisted mapping systems and try to clean more efficiently. The robots of these companies also have the ability to automatically resume from where they left off after charging, even if their battery runs out before the cleaning is finished.

Some features found in general robot vacuums make these devices easier to use for the home. These features can be listed as follows:

  • Not falling from stairs and other heights
  • Collision detection, change direction after collision
  • Carpet tassels, cables, etc. not getting stuck on objects, getting rid of being stuck
  • Automatic self-charging by going to the base station/charging station
  • Being imprisoned in rooms with virtual wall/magnetic strip-like apparatus
  • Real-time mapping by scanning with laser or infrared rays in some brands
  • Self-cleaning and emptying of the garbage bin when returning to the charging station in both brands

A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022 Price

Robot Vacuum Cleaner+Mop

Usage Area:  Hard Floor+Carpet

Power:  25W

Suction Power:  2200 Pa


Battery Type:  Li-ion

Battery Capacity:  2500mAh

Charging Time:  4 hours

Cleanable Area:  90 m²

Other Features:  Silent Mode



Overhead Height:  17 mm

Mapping:  Yes

Mapping Method:  Gyroscope

Auto Charge:  Yes

Fall Arrest Sensor:  Yes

Infrared Control:  No

Number of Modes:  4 Pieces

Voice Notification:  Yes

Dirt Detection:  No

Wi-Fi:  Yes


Powder Discharge Station:  No

Hepa Filter:  Yes

Number of Side Brushes:  2 Pieces

Dust Bin Capacity:  420 ml

Water Tank Capacity:  200 ml


Width:  350 mm

Height:  82mm

Depth:  353mm

Weight:  3.5 kg

Color Options:  White

When the price of A101 Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022 comes back in the following months, changes may be seen in prices. Since the product is not domestic production, it may increase or decrease according to foreign exchange rates.

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